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Jet Plasma Pen

Youthful Medical Spa is proud to have the most advanced and revolutionary plasma device on the market

The Jet Plasma pen is a plasma device that uses cooler atmospheric temperature to penetrate 13,000 volts of plasma through the epidermis – without creating any surface trauma, pain, or downtime! Jet Plasma is used to tighten the skin, diminish wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, correct acne scarring and stretch marks, and aid in product absorption that otherwise couldn’t penetrate as deep without a needle injection. Jet Plasma is safe for people of all skin colors, ages, and genders.

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What are the benefits of Jet?

There are almost too many benefits to list! Some benefits include:

  • Improvement in reoccurring acne 

  • Diminish stubborn hyperpigmentation (melasma included!)

  • Help turn back the clock on aging & damaged skin

  • Improve skin laxity

  • Soften fine lines and wrinkles

  • Restore hair 

  • Thicken thinning hair

How does
Jet Plasma work?

This powerful device penetrates 13,000 volts of plasma through the epidermis, into the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin stimulating high levels of collagen and remodeling the cellular structure from the inside out. When Jet plasma is mixed with oxide-oxygen, ozone plasma is created which kills surface bacteria and is anti-inflammatory to aid in calming keratosis, eczema, and rosacea.

Let's be honest... does it hurt?

Let's be honest... no! Jet Plasma is an exceptionally quick & pain-free procedure. Most describe the feeling as slightly warm, but not uncomfortable or even noticeable. Many clients who have done Jet Plasma treatments find it relaxing and wish it was longer!

What is the downtime & aftercare for
Jet Plasma?

There is no real downtime with Jet Plasma. Following your treatment, the channels created in the skin are open therefore it is important that NOTHING is applied to the skin for 12 hours. No skincare or makeup can be worn after the treatment for 12 hours. It is also recommended that you do not exercise, enter a sauna, or be exposed to steam for 12 hours post-treatment. Don’t fret!

Most patients leave the office with a beautiful glow post-treatment, so you won’t miss your makeup for a few hours. 

Do I need any special products after doing a Jet Plasma treatment?

There are not any specific products that are required for use post-procedure - that being said, we do recommend speaking with your provider to ensure your skincare routine is in line with your aesthetic goals. We love using the growth factor-filled TNS Advanced Plus serum from Skinmedica - especially if you have concerns about aging skin! Youthful Medical Spa offers a special Jet Pack product combination that is filled with some of our favorites from Skinmedica! Ask your provider how you can save 20% on the Jet Pack to take your results to the next level.

Who is not a candidate for Jet Plasma?

You are not a candidate for Jet Plasma if you have active skin cancer or an implanted electrical device, such as a pacemaker. Besides that, almost everyone is a candidate for Jet Plasma! There are individuals who have unique circumstances (such as people recently undergoing surgery), so depending on the complexity, we may ask for clearance from your physician to ensure the treatment is right for you. 

How often do I need to come in for a Jet Plasma treatment?

For the best and longest-lasting results, we recommend coming in once weekly for six weeks, then following up with maintenance treatments as needed. Ask about our Jet Plasma Membership to help with your maintenance needs!

For your customized plan, visit one of our expert aestheticians to develop a treatment plan.

How long do results last from Jet Plasma?

Results from a Jet Plasma treatment range from two to five years. Longevity of results is dependent on age, health, lifestyle choices, sun exposure, skincare routine, etc… Like with most skincare treatments, a series is recommended for best results. For Jet Plasma, a series of 6 is ideal. Clients can see improvement with just one treatment, however, it’s important to understand that the skin will continue to improve as high levels of collagen regenerate over the next 6-8 weeks. Jet Plasma can be used anywhere on the face and body. Once the desired results are achieved, you can schedule a treatment as needed for maintenance or join our membership for continued treatment!

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