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Learn more about the Unicorn treatment today!

PRX-T33 Derm Perfection is known as the “Unicorn Treatment” or a "BioStimulator” – uses 33% TCA (traditionally used in higher intensity chemical peels) but has no exfoliation. The unique formula works from the inside out… The formula penetrates deep and treats the epidermal layer down to the basal layer, stimulating it to regenerate and renew. It is able to remove toughened skin without damaging the integrity of the epidermis AT ALL.


There is absolutely no needles, pain, or downtime! 


This is a perfect solution for those who do not want the downtime of treatments like fibroblast skin tightening but want similar results.

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What are the benefits of PRX?

There are almost too many benefits to list! Some benefits include:

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Painless treatment

  • Helps to strengthen the radiance and brightness of the skin

  • Immediate palpable firming

  • Immediate hydration of the skin

  • Non-invasive skin tightening

  • It isn’t photosensitizing, so you can do it in the summer months

  • Immediate results

  • No downtime, so you can get right back to your everyday life

How does
PRX work?

The PRX-T33 bio stimulator deeply hydrates the skin while stimulating collagen production in the dermis with its unique, patented formula and application technique. It helps to restructure the dermal matrix and restore skin tissue. The hydrogen peroxide repairs, remodels, and regenerates tissue while managing inflammation.

What does a PRX treatment look like? 

After cleaning and drying the skin, PRX-T33 is applied by massaging into the skin until the product is completely absorbed. Each session will include between 2 and 5 applications.


Next, the skin is washed and rinsed with water soaked pad, followed by a moisturizing and nourishing cream.

The session typically lasts about 30 minutes and there is no downtime! 

What is the downtime & aftercare for

There is no real downtime with PRX. Following your treatment, you may experience some flaking - especially if your skin is exceptionally thick.

Besides that, you are free to resume normal activities - including going outside!

Do I need any special products after doing a PRX-T33 treatment?

Immediately after and in the days following the application you will apply WiQo Moisturizing Face Cream and WiQo Facial Smoothing Fluid to promote optimal results for your treatment. These products should be used for 7 days post-treatment before resuming your normal skincare routine.

Bonus! Your aftercare products are included when you purchase a package of 4 or more PRX treatments.

How often do I need to come in for a PRX treatment?

For the best and longest-lasting results, we recommend coming in once weekly for four weeks, then following up with maintenance treatments as needed. Ask about our PRX Membership to help with your maintenance needs!


For your customized plan, visit one of our expert aestheticians to develop a treatment plan.

How long do results last from PRX?

Results from a PRX Derm Perfection treatment range as longevity of results is dependent on age, health, lifestyle choices, sun exposure, skincare routine, etc… Like with most skincare treatments, a series is recommended for best results. For PRX Derm Perfection, a series of 4 is ideal. Clients can see improvement with just one treatment, however, it’s important to understand that the skin will continue to improve as high levels of collagen regenerate over the next few weeks. PRX Derm Perfection can be used anywhere on the face and body. Once the desired results are achieved, you can schedule a treatment as needed for maintenance or join our membership for continued treatment!

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