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Fractional Laser

Fractional Skin Resurfacing is the latest, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology for getting rid of wrinkles with skin resurfacing. 

Fractional laser skin resurfacing is a safe and gentle alternative to traditional skin resurfacing (such as CO2 laser) that can be very invasive and require considerable downtime. Fractional Skin Resurfacing targets aging skin and can treat scars (including acne), age spots, aging skin, sun damage, melasma, enlarged pores, fine lines (especially around the mouth and eyes), birthmarks, and stretch marks.


There are many common aesthetic concerns that bother us as we age. Some of these include sun-damage, fine lines, stretch marks and even surgical or acne scars. These bothersome aesthetic conditions can be difficult to improve with other solutions but, with our Icon™ laser technology, we can improve your skin quickly and easily. In just a few short treatment sessions you will see results in both the tone and texture of your skin, leaving you with the skin you’ve been wanting. 

What To Expect On The Day Of Treatment

Depending on the size of the area being treated, sessions typically take less than 30 minutes. First, you will be provided with eye shields to protect yourself from the laser during treatment. The treatment will begin with the provider guiding the Icon™ handpiece over the treatment area. During this, the laser will be delivering energy into your skin. Depending on the care option we select, you may feel nothing during treatment or mild discomfort. Post-treatment instructions will be provided to manage discomfort if necessary. You may also experience some redness and/or swelling a few days after at the treatment site but this typically resolves by the third day. Follow-up treatment sessions should be scheduled 4-6 weeks apart if needed. 

How it Works

Icon™ utilizes fractional laser technology to deliver specialized pulses of energy into your skin to target your unwanted pigment, wrinkles, stretch marks, or scars without causing harm to the surrounding skin. Fractional Lasers break up the laser energy into thousands of tiny beams to treat only a fraction of the skin in the area, which reduces downtime.  Once the energy is absorbed into the skin your body’s natural healing process will begin creating new, healthy skin in the area that was treated. Over the next few weeks, you will see continued improvement in both the coloration and smoothness of your skin. Check out the video below to see the mechanism of action!

How does
Palomar Icon fractional laser work?

Fractional laser treatment is a revolutionary method used to target specific areas of the skin to achieve desired results in a short time period. The Palomar Icon 1540 is a state-of-the-art tool considered to be one of the top-performing devices in the area of fractional laser treatments.

A small fraction of the skin receives the laser light. The laser emits into the first layer of the skin and penetrates deep into the damaged tissues to restore and improve the skin internally.
The laser’s effectiveness in pinpointing the target area of the skin has produced maximizing results compared to lasers which treat larger areas. The tissues around the laser-treated area remain unaffected which promotes faster healing and boosting of younger and healthier-looking skin. The production of collagen is also amplified due to the emission of laser onto the skin. Once collagen starts increasing it refines and develops younger, tighter, and fresher-looking skin.

What are the benefits of the Palmomar Icon laser?

By increasing the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, the Lux 1540 can increase the volume of the skin, improve the skin’s texture and tone, and decrease wrinkles and fine lines. The following conditions can be treated with the Lux 1540: sun damage (wrinkles, crow’s feet, and aging skin), acne scars, surgical or traumatic scars, melasma, skin texture and tone issues, stretch marks, and other skin irregularities. Because it is a non-ablative laser, healing time is minimal.

What is the downtime & aftercare for
Icon Laser Resurfacing?

During the first 24 hours after treatment, the skin may feel mildly sunburned, sensitive, and somewhat swollen. Since the treatments are non-ablative and the skin surface is intact, there typically is no oozing from the skin.

Over the next few days, the skin may appear slightly bronzed, which can be easily covered with makeup. There may be some flaking as well, which can be improved by using a moisturizer.

How long does it take to see a benefit from the Palomar Icon Fractional Laser?

Although many patients will see a positive change within a few days, due to the swelling effect from the treatment, optimal results usually occur after 2 to 3 months. This allows for complete healing and replacement of new collagen and elastin.

Why should I choose Palomar Icon over other fractional lasers?

The Lux 1540 is more powerful than other lasers of its kind, delivering greater energy per micro-beam (up to 100 mJ) and a greater depth of penetration (up to 1 mm) than other competing devices. This can promote a more significant response in the skin, with more effective and longer-lasting results.

How many treatments of fractional resurfacing will I need?

The Lux 1540 treatments are more effective if performed in a series of sessions. Each session treats approximately 20 – 25 % of the skin. Clinical studies indicate that an effective treatment regimen involves 3 to 5 treatments, spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart. Certain conditions, such as severe acne scarring, may require more treatments for optimal results.

For your customized plan, visit one of our expert laser technicians to develop a treatment plan.

What's the difference between an ablative versus a non-ablative laser?

There are two types of lasers used for laser skin treatments, ablative and non-ablative. With the ablative types of treatments, the top surface of the skin is partially removed to achieve a fresh and improved skin surface. Non-ablative treatments involve treating the deeper parts of the skin without removing any part of the top layer. Non-ablative lasers tend to have fewer side effects and a shorter healing time but require multiple treatments. The Palomar 1540 laser is a non-ablative laser.

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